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Events / Latest publications

Michael Graser will present "Company Valuations: methods, purchase prices, and M&A litigation" on 23 June 2017 at the BeckAkademie summer school "Unternehmenskauf" in Hamburg.

At the spring conference of LES and VPP on 31 March 2017 Anke Nestler presented on "Economic considerations concerning patent settlement and dispute resolution.“

In the series of soirée discussions “Abendgespräche Steuern & Wirtschaft” Anke Nestler gave a talk on company valuations in practice "What’s the true value of companies?”.

At the annual valuation conference of EACVA from 24-25 November 2016 in Berlin Anke Nestler gave a workshop on the influencing parameters on the value of IP

Lizenzierung von Marken

Published in: Bewertung Kompakt 

Die finanzorientierte Bewertung von Software

Published in: M&A Review, 01-02/2017 ..