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Anke Nestler presented on "Financial valuation of IP rights” at the annual autumn conference of VPP (Vereinigung von Fachleuten des Gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes) on 24-25 October 2019 in Bielefeld with the main topic “Tax aspects of IP”. 

On 13 November 2019, Michael Graser gave a lecture at the introductory course M&A "Company acquisition" of the BeckAkademie in Frankfurt on the topic "Company valuation: methods, purchase price clauses, M&A litigation". 

We were partner of the 5th WCL Frankfurter Tax / IP Conference in Frankfurt on 13 September 2019. The conference with prominent speakers focused on intangible assets as a central component of international tax strategies as well as "digital business" with the possibilities and limits of the tax treatment of intellectual property.


In the DGRI Yearbook 2018 published in November 2019, Dr. Anke Nestler deals with the topic Data as Assets - the financial evaluation of know-how.

Ber­liner Kom­mentar zum WpÜG / Dr. Anke Nest­ler Be­w­er­tung (Valu­ation) pub­lished 2019 (Erich Schmidt Ver­lag / Stein­meyer).

Our cur­rent VAL­NES “Be­w­er­tung Kom­pakt” (Valu­ation Com­pact) on the sub­ject of "Com­pens­a­tion for de­part­ing part­ners" deals with reg­u­larly oc­cur­ring dis­putes and prob­lems, e.g. if share­hold­ers' agree­ments have not been ad­ap­ted to cur­rent de­vel­op­ments, or if out­dated pro­ced­ures or ex­pres­sions are used. In our cur­rent “Be­w­er­tung Kom­pakt”, we com­pare the ad­vant­ages and dis­ad­vant­ages of the valu­ation meth­ods and ex­pres­sions used in such agree­ments from an eco­nomic point of view.

Grundla­gen des M&A-Geschäftes: Strategie – Recht – Steuern, Un­ternehmens­be­w­er­tung (Busi­ness Valu­ation) Dr. Anke Nest­ler, pub­lished 2019 (Frank­furt School Ver­lag / Springer Ga­bler / Schalast/Raet­tig). 

Data as assets - the financial evaluation of know-how.

In the DGRI Yearbook 2018 published ..

Compensation for departing partners

This VALNES “Bewertung Kompakt” (Valuation ..