IP / Licenses

We value intangible assets in the case of asset deals, contribution in kind, sale-and-license-back agreements, as well as for damages. Our particular expertise lies in the determination of reasonable licensing rates.

Trademark valuation

We value brands (B2B, B2C) applying recognised valuation standards in transactions with unrelated parties or intercompany, within the framework of compensation or for other reasons.

Patent / technology valuation

Patents, technology and know-how can represent considerable intangible assets that need to be valued. Typical reasons for financial valuations that we are regularly mandated for are transactions, compensation, transfer pricing or contribution in kind.

Domain valuation

The valuation of domains (with or without websites) is becoming more and more important due to the significance of the Internet. We value domains, or rather websites from a finance-orientated perspective.

Valuation of other intangible assets

Alongside the typical assets of intellectual property law, we also value other intangible assets such as trade secrets, formulae, non-competition agreements, rights of use, client contracts, know-how, software or other economic benefits.


Licences remunerate the use of intangible assets. In varying situations, the question as to fair and reasonable remuneration arises. We compile expert opinions for appropriate licenses. We advise licensees or licensors in the arrangement of the license fee as an initial basis for negotiations.